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Lady Green is Marta del Proposto, an Italian florist based in Barcelona. Born in Rome in the 80’s, she’s always been fascinated by Mother Nature and her Beauty!

During the first part of her life, she combined studies, job and leisure with the pleasure of traveling around the world, discovering new cultures, different people, wonderful landscapes and wild spots where tropical plants and flowers grow in their natural habitat.

2006 – When it all started

Living and working in Turin for the Winter Olympic Games, the first approach to a flower shop happened at Pina’s, her friend’s mum (now one of her most active followers). Any free time from work, it was a good excuse to go and visit her flower shop, giving a hand, cleaning and tidying. That moment when you wish to become a florist but you realize how hard this job is, especially by a physical point of view. Of course, forget your manicure!

2007 – The London days

Between 2007-2010, while in London, she studied at the London Flowers Company and took daily courses with the amazing ladies of  Rebel Rebel. While working here, she had some of the most professionally fulfilling days her life: in fact, she had the chance to work for the Oscars floral arrangements, taking place in one of the most exclusive hotels of the British capital.

2011 – Lady Green goes to Barcelona

After moving to Barcelona, Marta enjoyed floral daily courses with Flowers by Bornay, while working as a freelance with other florists like Bouquet and Sonia Wei Arte Floral. At some point, she felt the need to create/express herself with her hands, not only with the imagination. After a 3 months trip in Asia, she took the decision to quit her job in the tourism industry and focus in the floral business. After a short experience at FloraQueen, she started an intensive course at the Escuela Floral de Catalunya and an internship at The Boj. The floral art skills acquired at school allowed her to later win two flower competitions, and that was the beginning of her new career and of her new life as a florist!

2016 – The Concept Store: fashion & flowers

She decided to spread her wings and opened her first flower shop in the El Born, the right district to launch a young and cool floral spot!
“Fashion and Flowers” at Studiostore, where Federica gave to Marta and Marco Lagutti that chance to create something different, a concept store where flowers meet trendy all black modern clothing into an industrial store full of neons, unique furniture and rainbows!
A new idea of flower shop, suitable for trendy people with a Made in Italy point of view!

2018 – The Flower House

On the 8th of March, she moved to another spot, still in El Born. A pretty cozy flower shop, previously a flat, a bajo in a hidden tiny street. So it became a Flowers House where friends and customers were always welcome to smell the flowers, enjoy their beauty  an amazing little urban jungle created with a selection of very particular plants!

2020 – The Flower Lab

Time to move, time to work in a different way, time to grow professionally, time to take another risk! Lady Green is moving to a coworking in Poble Nou where she can share not just a space, but also new projects and life moments. Let’s start this adventure of The Flowers Lab! A laboratory of flowers and new crazy ideas. The Flowers Lab will open its door to public only once in a while for special events. Meanwhile enjoy her flowers and get them on the Shop Online! Stay tuned!


If you arrive to read so far, maybe you are asking yourself why she moved so often. Maybe just because she was born during that night her parents moved into a new house, maybe for another reason. She believes that anytime you move, you have the challenge to do something different, you clean your spaces from what you do not want anymore, you only bring worthy things with you and you go ahead with your values.

Finally, it seemes she has found a really cool studio in an old decadent textile factory in EL Clot district. There she is working to make it day by day a lovely inspirational, artistic and peaceful place. 

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