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Dive into the floral philosophy of Lady Green, where colors, freshness, and quality are paramount! She believes that beauty and aesthetics are not mere luxuries, but essential needs that enrich our lives.

Her approach intertwines the vibrancy of colors, the vitality of fresh blooms, and the unwavering commitment to high-quality materials, creating not just floral arrangements, but memories that uplift and inspire.

Stylish Attitude

Lady Green’s style represents a dynamic challenge to classical floral standards.

She exemplifies versatility and elegance in her designs, while deeply respecting the natural essence of each flower. Some customers might prefer traditional elements, while others might lean towards modern or exotic feelings. In any case, “Style is the answer”.

Addicted to Colours

Lady Green places a strong emphasis on harmony and balance, considering texture, distribution, shape, combinations, types of flowers, and, crucially, colors. It’s the thoughtful use of color that truly allows Lady Green to deliver creations with a distinctive personality.

Each color choice is deliberate, aimed not just at visual appeal, but at evoking emotions and crafting a narrative. This focus on color is what makes her arrangements stand out. Lady Green’s mastery in color palette selection is a testament to her ability to connect with the her audience, making each art piece personal and memorable.

Fresh Mood

Lady Green enjoys selecting and proposing unconventional and unique flowers. This choice is a celebration of sensory pleasure that only fresh flowers can give with their scent and their vivid colours.

Seasonal Approach

Lady Green has a seasonal approach that tends to respect Mother Nature’s cycles and makes the most of the variety of the floral kingdoms.

As a professional, she knows how to select the best seasonal flowers, and she enjoys playing with the colours and the feelings associated to the 4 seasons.

Quality Obsession

So, she goes ahead with her appreciation for new trends and innovation with a full respect for traditional values and practices. The balance between modernity and tradition can be appealing to a wide audience, especially those who value progress but also understand the importance of the “old school” way of life, environmental stewardship, and a deep admiration for beauty in all its forms.


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