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Lady Green is Marta Del Proposto, an Italian florist based in Barcelona. Born in Rome in 1982, she has always been captivated by Mother Nature and her splendor.

Throughout the early part of her life, she balanced her studies, work, and leisure with the joy of traveling the world. This journey allowed her to immerse herself in new cultures, meet diverse people, and explore breathtaking landscapes, including wild areas where tropical plants and flowers flourish in their natural habitats.

Despite her love for these natural settings, Marta also cherishes life in industrial and cosmopolitan environments. This led her to create a harmonious lifestyle between her need for natural greenery and her urban roots.

2006 – When it all started

Living and working in Turin during the Winter Olympic Games, Marta first experienced the world of floristry at Pina’s flower shop, owned by her friend’s mother. Any spare moment away from work was a perfect opportunity to visit the shop, where she would lend a hand by cleaning and organizing. It was during these moments that she found herself drawn to the idea of becoming a florist, while also recognizing the physical demands of the job. And of course, she quickly learned that maintaining a manicure was not an option in this line of work!

2007 – The London days

From 2007 to 2010, while living in London, Marta pursued her floral education at the London Flowers Company and attended daily courses with the talented team at Rebel Rebel. During her tenure there, she experienced some of the most professionally rewarding days of her life. She also had the opportunity to work on events hosted at some of the most exclusive venues in the British capital.

2011 – Lady Green goes to Barcelona

Upon relocating to Barcelona, Marta immersed herself in daily floral courses and worked as a freelancer with various florists. Eventually, she felt a strong desire to create and express herself not just through her imagination, but also with her hands. This realization became clearer after a three-month trip in Asia, inspiring her to leave her job in the tourism industry to fully commit to the floral business. Marta then embarked on an intensive course at the Escuela Floral de Catalunya, complemented by an internship. The floral art skills she honed at the school later led her to win two flower competitions, marking the start of her new career and life as a florist. This transition was not just a professional shift but a personal transformation, embracing her passion and talent in the world of floristry.

2016 – The Concept Store: Fashion & Flowers

It was time to expand her horizons, so she opened her first flower shop in El Born, the perfect district for launching a young and trendy floral spot. The shop, named “Fashion and Flowers” at Studiostore, was a unique venture, made possible by Federica, who provided Marta and Marco Lagutti the opportunity to create something distinct. It was an uncoventional concept store where the colorful flowers matched with trendy, all-black modern clothing, set against an industrial store with neon lights, one-of-a-kind furniture, and rainbows. This innovative approach to a flower shop was tailored for the fashionable crowd, infused with a ‘Made in Italy’ perspective.

2018 – The Flower House

On the 8th of March, Marta moved to a new location, again in El Born area. She transformed a dusty space, previously a flat, into a unconventional and cozy flower shop. Nestled in a hidden, narrow street, this “bajo” turned into a ‘Flowers House’, with flowers into the washing machine and a floral menu on the kitchen wall. A welcoming haven where friends and customers were invited to immerse themselves in an enchanting little urban jungle. This space was carefully curated with a selection of very special plants, creating an intimate and inviting atmosphere for all who entered.

2020 – The Flower Lab

Time to work in a different way, time to grow professionally, time to take one more risk! Lady Green moved to a coworking in Poble Nou where she could share not just a job place, but also new projects and life moments. A new adventure, The Flowers Lab! A laboratory of flowers and new crazy ideas. At that time, the shop online has been launched and Lady Green also started to experiment her own KM0 plantations!

The Green Dimension – 2021

In this space, decorators, florists, and painters come together through their love for flowers, plants, beauty, and art. Ideally, they wanted to take you to an unusual dimension. During punctual events, they opened their door so people could see how many things could happen in such a collaborative and artistic environment where different creative disciplines converge.

lady green


If you’ve read this far, you might be wondering why Marta has moved so frequently. Perhaps it’s a trait rooted in her very beginning – she was born on the night her parents moved into a new house – or maybe there’s another reason. Marta holds a belief that each move presents an opportunity for change and challenge. It’s a chance to cleanse her space of the unnecessary, to carry forward only what truly matters, and to proceed with her core values. This philosophy of continual evolution and selective progression shapes not just her personal journey, but also the unique essence of her floral business.

At last, it seems Marta has discovered a truly cool studio in an old, somewhat decadent textile factory in the El Clot district. In this unique space, she is diligently working to transform it, day by day, into a place that radiates inspiration, artistry, and tranquility.

Her challenges for this 2024:

  • Continued Learning at Fashion School, having recently enrolled in a one-year course. She desire to integrate fashion elements and skills into her floral designs.
  • Travel abroad for Pleasure and Work Projects.
  • Collaboration with Her New AI Friend, embracing the advancements in technology.
  • Get closer to the True Essence of Simplicity.


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